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Want more specific information about temporary housing or extended housing and unfurnished/furnished/serviced/corporate apartments and apartment hotels in Dhaka, Bangladesh? Please e-mail at or call us +880 01712251310.

What is and what does it do?


We are a temporary housing provider in Dhaka ,Bangladesh. We are a resource for corporations, small businesses and individuals looking for temporary housing. We locate temporary housing in major Gulshan,Banani and Baridhara in Dhaka,Bangladesh .


Do I pay a fee for your service?


No. Our in-depth knowledge of both the industry and the available properties in Dhaka to generate for our customers the largest selection of Furnished/ temporary/Serviced/ Corporate housing at the most competitive rates. Temporary Housing companies are happy to pay our fees because they enjoy a cost-saving benefit, and you get the best deals around in Dhaka,Bangladesh.



Who is your typical customer?


Anyone looking for a fast, convenient way to locate temporary housing as an economic alternative to expensive hotels. We help companies find executive/ furnished/ unfurnished /serviced/ corporate housing, relocate employees and provide comfortable short term/long term  accommodations for staffers on extended assignments. We work with government agencies and the military to find temporary housing and assist insurance firms working with claimants in Dhaka,Bangladesh. We also locate suitable lodgings for individuals relocating to a new city, enjoying a long vacation, undergoing extended medical treatment or who simply need a place to call home during a period of transition.



Do you offer special services to companies looking for corporate housing?


Company HR staff is far too busy to be hunting for temporary/ furnished/ unfurnished/serviced /corporate housing in Dhaka,Bangladesh. We can transform a time-consuming search into a streamlined selection process that will earn you kudos for efficiency. One phone call can literally save days of effort. Our experienced staff is available to provide whatever assistance is needed. We routinely work with both large companies and small to mid-sized businesses to plan, budget and locate quality short-term/long term accommodations for temporary housing  , group relocations and extended employee assignments in Dhaka,Bangladesh.



If we are satisfied with the corporate housing provider we currently work with, why should we use your company?


Chances are the company you work with is part of our network of temporary housing providers in Dhaka,Bangladesh. Since there is no risk and no fee, however, you might want to try our service to see if we can provide greater selection, better options or more competitive rates. At the very least, we suggest you bookmark our site and keep us in mind in case your current provider is ever unable to accommodate you for any reason.



Is there a minimum stay required?


You can stay Daily/ Weekly/ Monthly/ Yearly/ Short term and long term in Kalam Real Estate Services Worldwide furnished/serviced/corporate apartments in ,Dhaka,Bangladesh.



How do I calculate how much I want to spend for a temporary housing without knowing local housing rates?


It’s part of our job to know the going rates for temporary/ daily/ weekly/ monthly/ yearly/ furnished/serviced/corporate housing in Dhaka,Bangladesh. Click on rates and you will see current starting rates for different apartment sizes in each location in Dhaka,Bangladesh.



What is included in the price for a fully furnished apartment?


Typically, the utilities are included in the price and the apartment comes with all the amenities, including cookware, dishes, coffeemaker,internet, cable and local phone. Once you select a temporary apartment, however, it’s always a good idea to request a list of the specific amenities that will be provided.



Do you offer assistance in determining which areas of a city might best suit my needs?


Yes. If we don’t have firsthand knowledge of the city Dhaka,Bangladesh.And you are interested in, we will connect you with our local agents who do. These people live in the area and can answer questions like: Which neighborhoods are nearest your work site? Where are the closest neighborhood schools? Where are the best restaurants and nightspots located? You name it; chances are they know it. They can even provide tips about which routes to take to avoid traffic congestion.



Do you have pet-friendly temporary housing?


Yes. Temporary/furnished/serviced/corporate housing providers understand that sometimes whole families, including Spot, are on the move. Give us the details, and we’ll find a place that welcomes everyone in Dhaka,Bangladesh.


How soon will you respond to my temporary housing request?


As fast as we can! Usually we offer same day turn-around, often within hours, except on weekends or holidays. Here is how we work: Once we receive your call or on-line Housing Info Form, a member of our staff forwards your information to the appropriate contacts in our extensive database to generate as many options as fast as possible. We know you will have lots of specific questions, so we ask a representative of each qualified temporary housing provider to contact you directly – via e-mail or phone, your choice. They will provide the details you need to make your decision, including exact location, pictures of the property, price and dates of availability. We follow up with you to ensure all your questions have been answered and that you are happy with your options and our service.



Am I under any obligation to choose from the list of temporary housing options provided?


Absolutely not. We are confident you will be extremely satisfied with our fast, convenient service and the quality of the properties presented to you. Our only request is that you notify us when you have made your temporary housing decision. This courtesy ensures we do not continue our search on your behalf.

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